Oct. 11, 2021

San Diego's Best Taco Tuesdays!

How is this possible? How in the world are we a San Diego podcast and this is our first taco Tuesday episode? We're finally going…

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Oct. 9, 2021

San Diego's Best Pumpkin Patches

We're getting into some Fall family fun in this episode. We're talking about pumpkin patches and you're not going to believe all …

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Oct. 6, 2021

Haunted San Diego

This episode is all about haunted San Diego. Our county has quite a haunted history and there are way more places than you'd gues…

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Oct. 2, 2021

Kids Free October

It's a San Diego family tradition and it's gotten bigger and bigger every single year. It's "Kids Free October," kids eat, play, …

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Sept. 28, 2021

Seaport Village

One of the most "be a tourist in your own town" spots in San Diego is Seaport village. If it's been a while, since you've been so…

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Sept. 22, 2021

Spotlight on Poway

It's time to shine the "ALL IN San Diego" spotlight on Poway! CBS 8's Heather Meyers is a proud resident of "The City in the Coun…

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Sept. 17, 2021

Choose Your Adventure

We're keeping with one of our favorite themes this episode, being a tourist in your own city....but this time with a twist! It's …

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Sept. 15, 2021

San Diego's Best Food Trucks

The food truck scene has really exploded in the last few years and San Diego has some of the best in the country. So we had to ca…

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Sept. 10, 2021

Camping and "Glamping" in San Diego

San Diego has some of the coolest camping spots in the state and Dris from @Moderncalimom is here to break them down. She'll tell…

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Sept. 8, 2021

San Diego Wine Tour (Part 1)

Wine lovers, this episode is for you! San Diego has so many amazing wineries it would be impossible to do them all in one episode…

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Sept. 2, 2021

San Diego's Best Sweet Treats

We are long overdue for a sweet treats episode, so Nirit from @sandiegoeats is here to load us up on all the best options to sati…

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Aug. 26, 2021

Swimming Around San Diego

We are doing this episode towards the end of the summer, which is one of the hottest times around San Diego. But guess what? Ther…

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Aug. 23, 2021

Flights Around San Diego

On this episode, we're taking a deep dive into flights. You know, when you order a flight of beer and you get to taste three diff…

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Aug. 17, 2021

Adventures WITHOUT Kids

It's time for another babysitter episode! We've given you plenty of adventures with the kids, we've given you adventures with Da…

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Aug. 12, 2021

San Diego Date Ideas

We wanted to share some unique date ideas and who better to help us do that than a real life matchmaker? San Diego based matchmak…

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Aug. 10, 2021

All In on Picnics with Takeout

We've all been through quite a lot in the last couple of years, but it has forced us to get creative and we've come up with some …

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Aug. 4, 2021

San Diego's Best Puzzle Rooms

Puzzle rooms are a relatively new form of entertainment and they've been absolutely blowing up and gaining in popularity over the…

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Aug. 2, 2021

All In on San Diego's Lakes and Ponds

San Diego is known for its beaches but a day by the ocean isn't the only way to enjoy the outdoors by the water, we have so many …

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July 29, 2021

ALL IN on Getting Out and About with Kids

On this episode, we're checking back in with our friends at San Diego Family Magazine. They're annual "Out and About with Kids" …

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July 26, 2021

ALL IN on San Diego's Best Asian Food

San Diego's Asian food scene is thriving, and we're not just talking about egg rolls and orange chicken. @Judeethefoodie is here …

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July 21, 2021

ALL IN on Birch Aquarium

Birch Aquarium is a San Diego favorite, and if it's been a while, since you've checked it out, it's time to go back. They have so…

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July 19, 2021

ALL IN on San Diego's Best Happy Hours

This is our first ever "babysitter episode." We've had plenty of episodes full of family adventures and kid-friendly destinations…

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July 16, 2021

ALL IN on San Diego's Best Pizza

@SanDiegoFoodGirl is here to help us take a deep dive into a food that almost everybody loves....pizza! From deep dish to New Yor…

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July 13, 2021

ALL IN on the San Diego Zoo

ALL IN San Diego is all about highlighting the people in places that make San Diego awesome, and this episode highlights both. Th…

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