Nov. 14, 2022

Holiday Head Start

Holiday Head Start

The Holiday Season is almost here and it's time to start making your plans! Jen from @GatherSanDiego is here to walk you though some of the many amazing options you'll have all over the county between now and the new year!

Intro Stuff

0:24 AJ's holiday "pep talk"

2:02 AJ and Sara's Thanksgiving meal plans

5:02 Turkey vs. Microwave

Main Show Stuff

7:38 Coronado has more than just ice-skating

8:55 A next level Holiday movie experience

9:58 Festive cocktails and trivia in Banker's Hill

11:14 Family Fun in Point Loma

12:23 Grown up fun at a speak easy in Pacific Beach

13:51 a must see neighborhood in Rancho Peñasquitos

15:19 road trip to Julian

15:57 An experience for all 5 senses in Rancho Bernardo

18:08 Igloos in San Marcos?!

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