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Fun and informative

Fun, informative podcast! My husband and I are taking a vacation to San Diego this summer and it’s been great to listen to the show to get a better idea of places to visit while we’re there.

Great San Diego podcast

I’m so glad I came across this. AJ & Sara capture the essence of this great city in a fun informative way. It has great pace so you’re never bored. Whether you’re a native, a transplant or visiting, you’ll find something relatable. Thoroughly enjoy listening!

Great review. If the list of shop is written in description that would be awesome

Thanks for making this! It will be awesome if the list of places can be listed in description as well. As a non-native speaker, I struggle a bit trying to find the right places just from listening.


I am heading to San Diego this July so I started following this podcast. I love it, it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to visit

Hometown Homies

Love listening to AJ and Sara’s podcast. I grew up in San Diego and still manage to learn something new and awesome about our fine city.

Love them!

I used to listen to AJ & Sara all the time on the radio, so when they left and started this podcast, it feels like they never left the radio station to me. I love how they cover food adventures, family activities and more! Can’t wait to hear more!

Best San Diego podcast

Well she may be my mom. But, I think Aj and Sara have the best ideas on fun ideas to do in San Diego.

Super helpful

Each episode is loaded with useful info and great recommendations.

My favorite way to get tips

Loving all the great tips for exploring San Diego! Great for new AND long time residents!

Love the show!

I have lived in San Diego 15 years and I thought I knew all I needed to know about San Diego. This podcast has opened my eyes to a whole new San Diego and I love learning about the new restaurants, sites, and adventures that All in San Diego share each week.

So fun!

I love listening to this podcast! Each episode tackles a different fun topic that I’m interested in! AJ and Sara are hilarious!

So much great info on San Diego!

I love AJ & Sara and I love their new podcast! Give it a listen. You won’t be disappointed. :)


Loving all the great tips for exploring San Diego! Great for new AND long time residents!

Fun and useful podcast!

I love what AJ and Sara are doing with this podcast, and perfect timing for the summer! I have family coming into town soon and I filled our itinerary with all your tips!

Hidden San Diego! So good!!!

We are always hunting for something new to do, explore, experience…especially when the kids are home for summer. Loved all the tips!!

Awesome Podcast

Although missing the old program (often very funny), You guys ROCK! Have been a fan for a long long time. Thank you for keeping us entertained for all these years. All these family activity tips have provided great ideas for things that I can do with my family. Thank you again!

Fun and Exciting Listen

Love listening to this pod! I totally binged it and can’t wait to hear more. Love learning more about SD and all the intricate details you may have not thought about visiting. Don’t listen to this on an empty stomach as most episodes will leave you hungry! So fun, positive and upbeat. An easy listen!

Take me back to San Diego!

I’ve been living away from SD for the past 15 years and I really want to come back, hopefully next year. This is the perfect podcast to get me even more excited about rediscovering my hometown. Thanks guys!

Laughing all the way

I look forward to listening everyday! AJ and Sara always make me laugh and help me feel connected to my hometown. Keep it coming!

San Diego Finest Podcast!

Can’t get enough of these two amazing people. They are always so cheerful, and positive. Its a podcast that makes you laugh, as if you were hanging out with old friends. Definitely puts a smile on my face- everyday!

Happy for the return!

I have been a long time listener across many stations and was so bummed when I heard you were not on local radio anymore. Then I was excited to hear about the station you were creating, but without my normal commute (stupid covid) I kept missing out. I am so glad foe your podcast. It was the first one I ever subscribed to and I have listened to every one. You two are relatable and hysterical! Thank you for the laughs!

So fun and relevant

I really enjoy the podcast every morning. They crack me up with their everyday adventures and then they try to keep us update on trends weather it is the fidget devices like Popits or the foot peel sock thing. I still want to see the before and after for the foot peel.

Mood lifter

I can always count on you two to make me laugh! If you see someone walking around with airpods and a big smile, they’re probably listening to your show.

My favorite morning radio show is now a favorite podcast

I’ve been an AJ fan for more than 10 years, and became a Sara fan too when she joined him a few years back. They’re a great duo, and when I listen to them I feel like I’m part of the conversation and catching up with good friends. On their last radio show it seemed they weren’t allowed to spend much time talking to the audience, so I appreciate that they have control in this new open format. Glad to have you back, AJ and Sara! Looking forward to more fun episodes.

So happy to have you both back in my mornings!

Now that I have had to drive into work everyday now I couldn’t be happier to hear you both everyday again! I love the format and it’s nice to be able to laugh on my way into the office to change my attitude for the better! Thank you!!!

Relevant, funny, and always so entertaining

Can’t get enough of these guy. A must-listen show for sure!

Awesome Podcast

You guys rock! Have been a fan for a long long time. Thank you for keeping us entertained for all these years.

The best podcast!

Getting to listen to AJ and Sara on the podcast has been the best thing ever to happen! The fact that I got to continue my morning routine with listening to both AJ and Sara despite all of the changes we all have been going through in the last year with this pandemic has been a life saver. You guys are hilarious and I look forward to hearing a new podcast each day. Thank you for everything that you do AJ and Sara! :)

Love AJ and Sara!

I think my favorite thing about morning radio was the radio personalities. I was devastated when the radio stations got rid of some of my favorites like AJ and Sara. I followed them on social media, and was so happy they decided on the podcast format! Heartwarming with funny stories to share, and great interviews of local guests! Always puts a smile on my face when I listen to these two!

So much fun!

I am constantly smiling or laughing while listening to this podcast! AJ and Sara are the best storytellers and listening to their podcast feels like I’m listening to my friends tell their hilarious stories! Highly recommend! :)