Oct. 27, 2021

San Diego's Best Tiki Bars and Speakeasies

San Diego's Best Tiki Bars and Speakeasies
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A few months ago, when we started this podcast, we had no idea there were so many Speakeasies and Tiki Bars hidden all over San Diego, but guest after guest has come on and brought them up! They're so cool, unique and mysterious...we couldn't wait to learn more!  We have the perfect person to clue us in. Our old friend from our radio days, Jennifer White, just so happens to be a Speakeasy and Tiki bar super fan and she's not only going to tell us where these speakeasies are, she's going to tell us where the secret entrances the details on the secret knocks or whatever else you need to know to actually get into them. She's got everything you need to know about San Diego's best Tiki Bars as well.....let's go ALL IN on San Diego's best Speakeasies and Tiki Bars!

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