Jan. 11, 2022

Your 2022 Bucket List

Your 2022 Bucket List

Are you ready to create a San Diego bucket list for 2022? This episode is loaded with fun and original ideas for things to do, places to see and of course food and drinks to devour this year!

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AJ: Thanks for joining us for the first episode of 2022, Sarah. And I thought it would be fun to make a bucket list, a list of things you should put down and make sure you get out and do them over the course of the next 12 months. And since we spent the last several months doing nothing but talking about San Diego, we felt super qualified to put this list together ourselves.

Sara: I actually love the way this whole idea came about. We were, we started talking about all these cool things that we had heard about in past episodes. People that we've been connected to and different local companies and, and Instagrammers. And we were like, oh my gosh, this could actually be an entire episode.

 cause, these are all things that in one episode or another, we've got, oh my gosh. I was totally been meaning to do that. How many years have I lived in San Diego And not done that?

AJ: And we know you've seen these kinds of lists before, and you know, you're on social media, you click on the list of things to do in San Diego. And it's go to SeaWorld. You know, if you've lived here long enough, you know, all of the obvious things. So we're hoping to go a little deeper than that and give you some ideas that you may have never heard of before.

So let's dive in Sarah, you got we've each come up with a bunch of ideas. So Sarah, why don't you go first?

Sara: One thing that is at the absolute top of my 2022 San Diego bucket list is glamping with alter experiences. Now I know a lot of people like to go camping you and I may be a little bit more of a glamour situation. 

AJ: I enjoy the great outdoors.

Sara: Yeah, very much. This is a great way to get out and enjoy the great outdoors with a little bit of help alter experiences. Um, has these glamping sites, luxury camping, all ready for you at Mount Laguna? So they have linens and cookware included. They have this little breakfast area set up with all the utensils and stuff that you would need to make yourself a little easy, camping breakfast.

They have a specified lounge areas that they have, these huge tents that you actually sleep in with. Real beds. AIJ like actual mattresses, they have these huge hammocks. They have tree tents. Have you ever heard of tree? 

AJ: No, but I'm imagining it like a tree house only. It's a tent.

Sara: It's a tent and it's strung up between the trees. You're suspended between trees and you can actually sleep in there. And then, you know, it is glamping. So you have access to, showers, they're communal showers, but how nice to have actual hot water and a bathroom. And it just sounds like the perfect way to experience.

Camping and San Diego where somebody else professionals, camping experts have set you up for success, you know? 

AJ: basically, they've cut out all of the work and you can just enjoy the fresh air and have some fun and tell your friends. Yeah, I've been camping before. even though it was on a full bed next to running showers.

Sara: Yeah. I mean, I rolled up and like fire pits and smores were set out for me, but Yeah, it was camping.

AJ: Yeah,

Sara: I love that. You can, you can just pack up your family and, you know, take all the guesswork out of what you might need for a couple of nights at Mount Laguna. And you're pretty close to Julian too.

So you could go do a little day trip there and just make the most of that part of San Diego. 

AJ: And I liked that we're bringing this up at the beginning of the year, cause this is the kind of thing you probably want to start booking. Now, if you want to do it during the summertime or, upcoming break from school or whatever, these kinds of places do book up fast. So if you're going to put this on your list, put it on there and then book it.

Sara: Yeah, put it on there and book it. They they've opened up their reservations and you can just look them up on Instagram there at alter dot experiences. And I think that they're starting, um, I believe their calendar starts like mid March. So you can book anytime after mid-March spring would be an awesome time to go and do that.

So glamping with alter experiences. That's one of the things on my bucket list.

AJ: I think you should do it. You know what else I think you should do sometime in the next 12 months. Going to San Diego food tour. Now we've talked a lot about a lot of different kinds of food on this podcast and it comes up again and again, that San Diego's food scene is blowing up and it's hard for anyone to try this place and that place.

So go out and make a day of it and take a tour. I've got a few options for you. One of my favorites is taco tours. SD it's a taco. They're going to take you to some of the best taco places in town. It's really fun. It's super casual and it's very affordable. They have a lunch tour. That's 35 bucks. They have a sunset tour.

That's 35 bucks. Uh, they're booking for Valentine's right now, which includes sangria. And you can get that locked in for $65. Um, that to me sounds like a lot of fun in general, but what a great thing to take a friend or someone who's visiting from out of town? Oh, what are we going to this afternoon?

We're going into a freaking taco. 

Sara: That sounds amazing. That's so San Diego, and so you can get the whole bus to yourself. if you want to do.

AJ: if you book it. Yeah. You bring all your friends, make it a company outing, you know, girls night out, whatever you want. It's taco tours, SD. You can find him on Instagram under that name or on the website. It's taco towards St as well. There are a couple of other options as well. Um, So Diego tours has a variety of different, very San Diego tours.

They've got a wine tour of little Italy, and they've got a tour called brothels bites and booze, which is a culinary tour of San Diego's questionable past, meaning the Gaslamp meaning the red light district meeting the brothel. It was a shaky place back in the day. And you can kind of find out a little bit of that sorted history while you enjoy some of the amazing food, uh, in the Gaslamp and, uh, booze and cocktails as well.

And they've got a few other ones as well. So if you're looking for fun tours, so Diego tours and the last one is. We have our own wine country out here in the Temecula valley. And I'm not even going to give you a tour to try, because you're going to Google this one. You're going to see all the options and find one that's perfect for you because they've got wine tours where you get toured around in a Jeep.

They've got ones where you get toured around in a cable car. They've got horse and carriage tours where you're riding around in a horse and carriage. They've got horseback tours. We can go from winery to winery, literally on horseback. They've 

Sara: It sounds dangerous. 

AJ: Yeah. Yeah. 

Sara: I don't know. Can't handle that 

AJ: Hopefully you're already comfortable riding horses, uh, before you do it while, while drinking wine, uh, they even have a hot air balloon balloon version.

That's a big deal in the tracheal valley where you start off with a hot air balloon ride above the wine country. You get to see all the wineries from a bird's eye view and then land and take a tour. So 

Sara: Would you do that? Would you do the hot air balloon one? 

AJ: Nope. If I was there, when the hot air balloon got invented, I'd be like, wait, it's a giant balloon and it's going to be powered by fire.


Sara: Oh, wait, I'm 

AJ: have you been doing? Yeah, 

Sara: Come again, I'm actually really surprised that you have a wine tour on your bucket list. And not me that 

AJ: Well, I have given you a couple to choose from, joking aside though, as we've talked about, I live in the area now and I've been to a lot of these wineries and they're absolutely amazing, and I don't even drink wine, but the food is good. They're gorgeous. Uh, everyone should get out there and take a tour.

So there you go. Take a tour sometime in 22.

Sara: Love those, those are great ones. And our San Diego's food scene is just so up and coming. It's awesome. another thing on my bucket list is to see a concert at the shell. That's at the Embarcadero it's right on the edge of the bay. It was just completed last year.

I mean, you've seen pictures of this thing, right.

AJ: It's amazing. And it's already on my bucket list. As soon as I saw it, I'm like, what am I going to see there? That's an incredible venue.

Sara: And I know that they've teamed up pretty closely with the San Diego symphony, but I was looking at who's coming up on their concert calendar. They do have lots of classical music concerts, but then like pop stars. Olivia Rodrigo is coming in. May they have comedy, Steve Martin and Martin short are coming in 

AJ: oh my, 

Sara: And friends that I have that have gone and checked it out already say the food is amazing too. Like, this is not a place where you're going to want to go to dinner first and then go see the show. The food is by Richard blaze, top chef Diego, top chef Richard blaze. And you can pre-order. From his menu, it's called blazed by the base.

So you can pre-order so you don't have to worry about like standing in line and ordering food. And then they have cocktail cards, pretty little cocktail carts that go around. So you don't have to miss any of the show. You know, you got your food coming to you that you pre-ordered, you've got your cocktails, you know, coming right to your, to your seat.

This sounds like the most amazing San Diego venue to see a show. I cannot wait to do. 

AJ: I can't wait to see a show there either. And in fact, I've been lucky enough to see Steve Martin and Martin short, uh, once before live and their incredible life. So, uh, maybe that's if your comedy fan that's wanting to go see, and Richard blaze is on a new show to next level chef on Fox with, Gordon Ramsey.

And it was pretty good 

Sara: my God. I feel like he's all over San Diego right now. I think he has a restaurant at the, at a hotel up here in Carlsbad to the RVR or something. He's his food is. People were saying like, you know, yes, you're going to see a concert and that's the main part of the night, but people have been raving about the food at this venue.

So awesome. Date night or something 

AJ: I love it. It's going on the list. You ready for? My next idea. 

Sara: ready? 

AJ: It San Diego people get in the water this year, dead in the water with an activity. Okay. Don't just go sit at the beach and watch the world go by. I've got a couple of different ideas for you. I think two of the best water places to actually do activities are the Jolla Cove and mission bay.

So I'm going to give you a place at each of them and the Hoya Cove. You can go to bike and kayak tours.com. There are a lot of options. This happens to be one that I've used before. It is really fun to rent a kayak and take it to. Uh, over the water, into the caverns down there, and it's easy enough, you can take your out of town, friends, or even your kids.

It's beautiful. It's an adventure. Um, they rent out the kayaks and bikes. They also ride out paddleboards and snorkeling equipment, which is something I've never done in San Diego snorkeling. So 

Sara: I've never done that either. I'm a little scared of snorkeling. I don't know why I've not liked. Be underwater for that long kind of person. 

Maybe it's like claustrophobia or something, but I have done the kayak tour as well through the LA Jolla caves. And it is so fun. They supply you with everything too.

I mean, they've got all the, the life vests and the helmets or whatever. So you just show up and they'll take care of everything. 

AJ: It's a real adventure. I hear you on snorkeling. I have done it on vacation. And my problem with snorkeling is the more exotic and beautiful efficient is the more poisonous it looks to me like, oh, that thing's bright. Purple. It's for sure. Poisonous.

Sara: I love that we're suggesting all these things. We're like, listen, I wouldn't do it. if you want to, it's up to you. We've just giving you options. We're too 

AJ: snorkeling. I, I actually do, like, I just haven't done it out here. And if you want to do those same activities in mission bay, check out Aqua dash adventures, they're right there on the bay. And they rent out all, all the usual stuff, the paddleboards and the kayaks, but they also give lessons, which is a good thing.

If you've never paddle boarded, you might want to have someone walk you through it before you get all the way out in the bay and then a non paddle boarding and kayaking on the water. Then. Is black Swan gondolas. And they do a little bit of everything.

You can take a brunch gondola ride, you can do a sunset cruise. Uh, they have a late night cruise. It can be obviously a really good date and impressive date, but it also be a group Allie with a small group. And they even Sarah, do small weddings on the gondolas. You can get married on those suckers.

Sara: that is so cool, dude. That is the ultimate COVID wedding right there. You're outdoors. It's a small gathering. We can only, we can only invite. Enough people that fit on the gondola and that's it. 


our guest 

AJ: it. Nice, small guest, less. It checks off all the boxes. So there's a couple of ideas. If those aren't perfect for you, find something else, but get out of the water. At least once this year.

Sara: Oh, I love that gondola option. That's on my bucket list too. Um, another thing on, our 2022 bucket list is a fancy picnic. Have you seen, I mean, there's so many companies now in San Diego. all over, but in San Diego, even there are tons of companies that set you up with this fancy picnic. They go to some beautiful location, you know, on a cliff, overlooking the water or whatever it is.

And they set up a beautiful table and big fluffy pillows and beautiful floral arrangements on the table and charcuterie. And, you know, they get you set up for a beautiful picnic. And again, That's kind of my theme where I just show up and everything is done for 

AJ: Sarah wants to camp without putting up the tent. She wants to do a picnic without packing the food. I see 

Sara: right. That's right. But one company that really stuck out to me on Instagram, they're called gathering grays.

they specialize in these luxury picnics. They come, they set everything up for you in these beautiful locations. You can do it.

at the park or the beach, or even your own backyard. and they have amazing looking shark. You know that like that's my jam is my love language. and then if you're looking for more of a beach party, there's a company called beach Jeanie, and they're a beach concierge service.

So they provide everything for a luxury beach day cabana. Umbrellas chairs, fire pits, smores beach games. I mean, again, you just show up to this amazing beach party that they've set up for you and they take everything down. I mean, that's the best. 

AJ: Right. Cause that's the only thing that's thinks about a fun beach day is getting all your stuff out there and then getting it back. You cut that out a beach day, as far as a perfect day.

Sara: You know, as a parent, you're just a Sherpa. You've just got like 82 things hanging off your body, the chairs and the towels. And so I just, I love the idea of, getting a whole bunch of people together. Maybe you even all go in on it and you, you have a special picnic to celebrate, celebrate a special anniversary or birthday.

So a couple of options there, either gathering grays or beach. 

AJ: I love all of those, Sarah, if I could throw in one more option, we did a whole episode of this podcast called picnics with takeout. You can go find it wherever you listen to the podcast. This another option. If you don't have someone to set it up for you, it's a whole episode of places where you can get great food and then take it to a nearby, awesome location to eat it.

So there's another way to do this. Uh, the same idea.

Sara: Absolutely. 

AJ: All right. Here's an idea that I'm going to put on my own bucket lesson. I'm going to do it. And I hope you do too. Sometime this year, get out and support a San Diego sports team. I don't want to say without the Padres. Yes.

We'll count it if you do the Padres, but the Padres already have a lot of support and there are a lot of San Diego teams that you could be watching and enjoying, you know, the goal, Sarah. 

Sara: Yes, of course Hockey. You didn't think I was going to know that.

AJ: I knew I kind of paused, but yeah, I was proud of you. Um, I will say honestly, a Gold's game is one of my favorite nights out.

They do, and I, I didn't grow up a hockey fan. I don't even totally understand the sport, but they make it so much fun with all the games and the music and the, it is a really fun, really affordable night out if you've never been to a Gold's game, do that. You can also go check out the San Diego seals.

Sara: That is lacrosse. 

AJ: Look at you. Yes. Good job. A relative. I think there are only a couple of years old. They're really simply new team, but they're part of a very big national lacrosse league. Uh, how about you're you're gonna know this one, the San Diego.

Sara: That is soccer. That's professional Soccer. 

AJ: Yep. I think they gave them that name right after the chargers left for LA and they said, oh, we're going to call our franchise loyal. 

Sara: Yeah. That's really smart. 

AJ: we also just got, a. Women's soccer team in a very big league. They are called the wave. Their first season will be this season. And if you want a really exciting and different sports adventure, go check out the San Diego Legion.

The Legion is our rugby team. 

Sara: Oh, okay. Okay. I was going to get some sort of football, but 

AJ: no it's rugby and their season is going on right now. And of course, You can go see our local colleges playing almost every sport under the sun. So get out and enjoy a sports team. 

Sara: and like you said, you don't even have to be a huge fan of that sport. It's just a super fun.

experience with your whole family. The kids love going to that kind of stuff, even if they don't totally understand the game, even if I don't totally understand the game, it's just a really fun atmosphere. 

AJ: Absolutely.

Sara: Okay, another eating one for me, you did the food tours. Uh, I am dying to go experience some of San Diego's best rooftop dining. I feel like we have the perfect city for rooftop dining. We have these amazing views. We have great weather. Year round. I mean, there's probably a handful of days. You could count on one hand where you wouldn't be able to go and dine outside, but a couple of places keep popping up that are on my bucket list.

Have you heard of Okay. It's on the roof of the Intercontinental hotel downtown. So imagine the views, you're all the way up high. You've got views of the bay. It's that downtown vibe, but you're seeing it from up high and they have pizza, pasta, tiramisu, like all of those Italian foods that you would expect, but their thing is tableside hand stretched mozzarella. Okay. So you know how taco places come and like make fresh guacamole right next to the table. This is like an expert mozzarella stretcher coming in, like hand stretching this amazing mozzarella next to your table. Just like all the cheese. 

AJ: I've never heard of table side mozzarella stretching. That is something right there.

Sara: I know it sounds weird, but like that's their little thing and the views are insane. It's so beautiful. The way the restaurant is done, it's just very picturesque. I mean, total date night spot. I don't think I would waste it. I hate to say that I wouldn't waste this one on the kids. This is like grownups now.

And the other one on my list is on the other end of San Diego in Oceanside. There's the rooftop bar. It's at the mission Pacific hotel. That's one of those new, beautiful hotels that they built right on the beach in ocean, in ocean side.

Um, really pretty views obviously of Oceanside peer, super unique cocktails and like tacos, like. I think of it like a happy hour spot seafood and oysters and octopus tacos, I guess, is what they're known for. so these beautiful views, and then also this is the hotel that has the top gun house down below.

So you could kind of make a fun day of it. Yeah. You can just go check out the top gun house, um, downstairs and head up and, and have a cocktail at the rooftop bar. So that's also on my bucket list.

AJ: I love how this is. So your actual bucket list, Sarah, I could tell you, these are the things, when we get done recording, these are the things that she goes, oh, I've got to go try that place. I gotta go do that picnic. I got these ones. These are legitimately from the heart. So, uh, 

Sara: For sure. 

AJ: Yeah.

Very fun. here's something you should do this year. Do a staycation. Yes, I. I thought that was a dumb made up concept and word when people started using it several years ago. But gosh, darn it. You know, if you're lucky you do one vacation a year in the last couple of weird years, goodness knows how many you've done to stay somewhere out of your house and just getting out of your house and not being by your kitchen.

And your dishes really does feel like a vacation and it's awesome. And there are a lot of places to do it in San Diego. I'm just going to give you a couple town and country. This has come up so many times in their podcast because they did a full remodel down there in the old hotel circle. They've got an incredible pool with water slides, get out there with the kids, but then they have amazing dining inside.

They've got an incredible bar with, I think it's called monkey drinks, the monkey bar 

Sara: monkey bar Mikey 

drinks, I 

AJ: at the mercury bar.

Sara: Was it called monkey punch or did you make that up one time? 

AJ: No, I think they have a monkey punch there. See, this is where we have to get in there once. And for all, it sounds incredible the first place that came to mind. Uh, but, uh, I'm also gonna recommend a place I have done a staycation at before, which is a Lowe's Cornado 

it's right there on the silver strand. And it's like you, it's very nice, but it's very family friendly. I did it years ago when my girls were super little and I never felt like I was getting side-eye from anyone. the pool was very family friendly. The food is nachos and Casey is very it's. It's just, you have all of the luxury of being at a nice place, but none of the feeling awkward, like you brought your kids there, it's a great family staycation and they rent out kayaks and whatnot.

And again, 

Sara: bikes. they have those Surrey 

bikes that you could like ride into Cornell. 

AJ: Yes. W which was, I was going to say, get him getting out of there. And tornado, always something a little bit vacation for those of us who don't go very often explore Cornado as well. So, and then another one I wanted to recommend is the Lego land hotel, because we live near Lego land.

So somebody people, so many of us just go and you see the hotel and you go, that looks cool, but it's for tourists. Like you don't have to be a tourist. You can just go stay there to do it. And it's, I'm going to say it. Fan of Disneyland. I love it. But the Legoland hotel crushes, the Disney hotels. I mean, 

Sara: Yeah, it does. 

AJ: activities and hands-on things to do, and there's a treasure hunt.

The second you check in there's Legos everywhere. If you haven't stayed there before and you want to kind of elevate your next trip to Lego land, stay at the hotel. And of course, You can always just do a staycation at an Airbnb as well.

If you have a favorite part of town or a favorite neighborhood you'd like to visit, but you never stayed there. Check out a small Airbnb and stay there for a couple of days. And that's a great staycation to.

Sara: I can't believe you mentioned the Lego land hotel without mentioning the fart pad. It's right by the elevator. 

AJ: There's a whoopee cushion in the ground. It's built into the carpentry, but when you step on it, it does make the sound. There's the disco elevator. I mean, it's so fun and there's a new one now we haven't even been, I haven't even been to the new one.

Sara: That's what it's called a whoopee cushion. I call it. 

AJ: Yes.

Sara: How to describe it. 

AJ: Uh,

Sara: hotel. It's so fun. And you also didn't mention, which is my job, that there's a bar right in the lobby right next to the giant castle that the kids go and play in and are entertained for like an hour. And you get to just sit and relax. Cause as a parent, especially when the kids are really.

When do you ever get to have eyes on them? You know, they're in a safe place it's contained in that you 

get to sit in and enjoy a drink. Yeah. It's awesome. 

AJ: I'm writing the description for this episode for when we publish it. And it'll be like from, from outdoor picnics to water activities from sports teams to fart pads, 

Sara: Let's 

AJ: we've got it all covered.

Sara: skip to 25 minutes and 14 seconds to hear about the fart pad. Okay. 

All right, 

I actually, I actually feel bad. I feel like I'm disrespecting this last one on my list. Talking about fart pads right before, but. This is one that we actually did at the very beginning of 2022. So I can speak from experience for this one, touring, the USS midway.

This was. Another one of those things, you and I have talked about it a million times on this podcast, and it's like, how have we not toured the midway as a family? And I've lived here my entire adult life. So this was a super cool experience. We had the grandparents in town, so it added this extra level of, you know, family fun.

And they're at the age to where they appreciate all of that stuff. Um,

26 bucks for adults, $18 for kids, six to 12, and also $18 for veterans. Not a crazy expensive day. You can spend a couple hours there. Um, there's the flight deck. There's like 20 something planes on the flight deck. There's the hanger.

They have all those restored, Uh,

aircraft, world war II, aircraft, and helicopters. And you can climb into the cockpits and take pictures and all that cool stuff. And then there's also a tour below deck. And that was super fascinating. I mean, everything is as it was back in that day. And so you can see where they slept the tiny, tiny little cots where they slept, you know, they had just like one square foot of locker space for their things.

Um, you can see where they ate and like, it was just, it was really, really cool. The only thing I would say about the tour below. Is that if you are being really, really careful with COVID or something like that, not everybody is masked and it is kind of a tight space and it did seem like there were more people down there than maybe should have been at the time we were having a little surge.

Um, so if you're sensitive about that, maybe just wait until you can go at a time when you're not so concerned or, you know, you don't have a big event coming up that you want to make sure you're staying well for, but it was really, really cool and definitely worth it. 

AJ: Have you like Sarah? Who's trying to make it to her brother's wedding 

Sara: we've got we're on 

AJ: just. 

Sara: for days. We just.

have to stay well for four more days. Yeah, So if it was us, I would go, yeah. I would go like a week after we got back.

AJ: I hear ya. All right. Well, that's a perfect one, Sarah, because I will confess. I've never been and that's such an easy, I've walked by it a million times. You see, it looks cool. You go, oh, of course, I'll do that someday. And you say that a thousand times you'd never get around to doing it. So, excellent.

One. I was at your last.

Sara: That was my last. one. Yeah. 

AJ: Here's my last one. Sometime this year, get out and support live comedy people talk a lot about the craft beer scene blowing up in town and the food scene, and those are blowing up, but I'll tell you the live comedy is when I moved here in the early two thousands, there was almost no comedy.

There's like a Wednesday night comedy night and PB, and a couple of now there are full-time 

Sara: With Pauly shore. 

AJ: Well, no Pauly shore. So the LA Jolla comedy store is actually an iconic comedy club. And that one has been here for a very long time. Every big name comic ever has come through there. And it is owned by Polly Shore's mom, Mitzi shore, and, uh, they do attract still some of the biggest acts in comedy.

So get out to the store, take it in to show there. If you've never done it. there's also now the American comedy company, another full-time club, and that's downtown on sixth avenue. All the biggest acts come through there. And, uh, tickets are usually somewhere between 10 to $25, depending on who it is.

And one kind of cool thing about that one is because it is downtown. You can go out and have some drinks before or have some dinner. The comedy store is kind of. There's not so much around there as much as there is at, uh, in downtown. So, uh, American comedy companies want to check out and then if you don't want to be in LA Jolla or downtown there's madhouse comedy club, that one's right randomly on Clairemont Mesa Boulevard.

Um, they have a massive menu that everyone raves about. It's literally 12 pages long of all this food that you can Wolf down while you're watching the show. Yeah. And then if you're feeling like something that you want to laugh, but you're not a stand-up comedy fan, get out to the national comedy theater.

This is improv comedy. 

Sara: Oh, 


AJ: know, whose line is it anywhere? You know, someone gives me a band name, someone give me a type of food, and then they make it in the 

Sara: I love 

AJ: And, and they've been doing it for a long time. It's actually like San Diego's longest running show. They've been been there for two decades.


Sara: so 


AJ: I've heard rave reviews. And not only can you go there and see a show, you can take some improv classes if you've always dreamed about doing that. And did they have team building exercises? If you want to get to, if everyone's been meeting on zoom meetings forever, and yet you want to meet up somewhere and do something fun together, you can do that as well but there's nothing like live comedy.

And, uh, we were lucky enough to have a lot of it here in San Diego. So get out and take it a show.

Sara: I love it all. I love all of your recommendations too. That gives us 10. We have 10 things on our bucket list. 

AJ: Right. And a lot of options for each one. So hopefully a couple of those will make it on your bucket list and it may be inspire you to do build from there and some things that you definitely want to do this year, but this is kind of the ultimate reminder of what this podcast is all about, which is being a tourist in your own town plan on all on doing some of these things.

Otherwise another year will go by and you go, yeah, one of these days I'm going to go to the midway and someday I'm going to see a comedy show on one of these days, I'm going to check out the shell, get it down and get out there and do it because there's lots to it to check out.

Sara: And I've just one more thing. You know, these are all companies and people and like locals that have just been working their tail off these last few years to stay in business, to keep entertaining us, to give us things to do.

And it's really a cool thing to get out there and support all of these local people, all of these local companies and. Help them finally push through and thrive this year. Right? Like we all know the drill. Now it's time to get back out there and safely enjoy all this stuff. And just a huge nod to all of these people who have somehow made it work over the last three years. 

AJ: Absolutely. Uh, thank you for listening. And if you know what I'd love for you to do find us on Facebook. Yes. Facebook is still a thing, 

Sara: That's still 


AJ: the cool thing, on Facebook is we have a group on there and you can join, just look for all in San Diego and I hope you'll join it, but I also hope you'll use it as a group.

Like we have such a cool community of listeners. we would love for you to be. Talking to each other and us on there, you know, when someone comes to town and they want to try, you know, to see food, you can go and just ask your friends on Facebook, argued, ask our community people who, if you listen to this podcast, you by nature, love trying new things and places in San Diego.

So it's a great resource that I w I hope people will use more in the new year.

Sara: If you have a friend who comes to town, who says I have had a craving for hand stretched tableside mozzarella. I mean, bam. You have got the place 

AJ: if they say, you know what, nothing makes me laugh more than a hilarious fart pad. Do you know of any hotels that have on the floor, you would be able to find it by going to our group.

Sara: You're like, that's crazy. I totally know a hotel that has that. No, but seriously, we wish you a super fun adventurous 20, 22. If you go out and do this stuff, tag us, we love to see you guys having fun all over San Diego. 

AJ: Absolutely. Thanks for tuning in. We'll see you next time. 

Sara: Bye.